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Equipilates™ - become the rider your horse would choose

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As horse owners and riders, focussing on ourselves often comes bottom of the list or doesn't happen at all, our horses come first. If you're investing time and money working on your horses wellbeing, balance, suppleness and strength but not your own, imagine your potential as a partnership if you did!

Equipilates™ will help you to improve your postural alignment, balance, flexibility, muscle function and strength. As well as delivering all the benefits of Pilates, it also includes Intrinsic Biomechanics Screening, plus exercises and techniques from other bodywork and movement methods which are especially effective for improving your riding.

View availability and book online.

Fundamentals Course

Course of 6 x 1 hour sessions - £72:

I offer an Equipilates™ Fundamentals course of small group sessions run over 6 weeks. Featuring the saddle horse, stability balls, muscle release techniques and exercises specifically tailored to the riders needs, this course is essential for any rider wishing to improve the function, flexibility, strength and alignment of their body to become a better partner for their horse.


Look out for new dates coming soon or contact me if you are interested in this course for your riding club or yard.

2 hour workshops:
I also offer the content of the Equipilates™
Fundamentals course in 3 workshops each of 2 hours duration. Weekend workshop dates are planned for the late spring and summer.

Saddle horse ABC sessions

45 minute session - £35*

Individual session focussing on alignment, breathing and core awareness:

  • Work on your riding position and posture off your horse with the help of ‘Violet’ the wooden saddle horse and an Equipilates™ visualise jacket.

  • Understand how your breathing can affect your horse and learn effective breathing techniques to improve your riding

  • Learn why a neutral spine position is important for riding and learn how to find it on the saddle horse in your own saddle

  • Explore what ‘core activation’ means and how to engage your riding specific core muscles effectively

  • Experience how to activate the ‘half-halt’ muscles and have the opportunity to practise on the wooden saddle horse

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