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A whole new world....

.....of technology! Classes are going online! I'm really grateful to have a skill that I can share to help people with a moment of calm and escape in these challenging times. Using an online meeting technology called 'Zoom' I can continue to provide my Monday and Wednesday lunchtime classes to you at home. So join me for 50 minutes of relaxation and restoration with gentle mobilising exercises to ease tension, stretch muscles, move our joints and breathe...properly!

I've even had time to create a new studio space in my house - something that has been on the 'to do' list for many months! My little dog Hettie may also make an appearance in the classes!

So how does it work and what can you expect from an 'online' class? The booking process is the same and can be done online here: In the confirmation email there will be a link to the 'zoom meeting' and I will also send a reminder email out the morning of the class.

To join the online class you just need to open the zoom link in your internet browser - it may automatically open the Zoom 'app' or you might be prompted to click to install it. If you are using an apple tablet or phone you may also need to enter the meeting ID which I will provide alongside the link.

Once you have joined the meeting you can choose to have your camera on or not. We will start with audio so that everyone can speak to say hello if they wish. Once the class starts I will mute everyone's audio so that you can just hear and see me as the main screen. If you don't have a Pilates mat you should be fine on the carpet or lying on a large towel or blanket and you don't need any other equipment.

I hope you will join me! Online classes start next week - Monday 30th March.

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