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What is Equipilates™? - let me explain

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Equipilates™ is movement and alignment therapy for riders developed by Lindsay Wilcox-Reid (author of 'Pilates for Riders' and 'Core Connection for Rider & Horse'). Its multi-faceted approach improves postural alignment, partnership and performance.

Whether you enjoy hacking, competing at a local level or are an international rider, Equipilates™ can help you 'fine tune' your body into a more efficient, more effective, more flexible, more balanced, more elegant, functionally stronger yet also more relaxed version of yourself.

What's the difference from normal Pilates?

Equipilates™ is different to normal Pilates as it is tailored to the needs of horse riders. It promotes optimal function in the muscles a rider really needs for support, and releases the muscle groups which tend to overwork or be too sleepy.

As well as delivering all the benefits of Pilates, it also includes Intrinsic Biomechanics screening, plus techniques and exercises from other bodywork and movement modalities, which are not found in pure Pilates but which are really effective for improving your riding. Taught by riders, for riders, Equipilates™ programmes are based around ensuring better biomechanical function with the latest science based research, before developing partnership and performance with a holistic approach.

I am a qualified Equipilates™ biomechanics trainer offering classes, workshops and 121 sessions.

Content copyright of Lindsay Wilcox-Reid

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